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Air-Hog - Gamo Hunter Extreme .117 Caliber Air Rifle


By: David A. Dodson
All rights reserved.

When I hear of someone talk about taking their pellet gun to the lease, I automatically assume that they plan to pop a few birds or maybe a squirrel during the downtime from the serious hunting. I mean, what else can you kill with an air rifle? Turns out you can hunt quite a variety of wildlife if the gun in question happens to be Gamo Adult Air Rifles' Hunter Extreme. The big idea: at velocities ranging from 1,250 fps (feet per second) with standard lead pellets to an amazing 1,600 fps with high end PBA this air rifle is more powerful than some firearms.

Sounds great, but how does it shoot? In a word, "Exceptionally." Gamo gave us a .177 caliber Hunter Extreme with both 100 rounds of PBA Platinum and 150 rounds of their Red Fire high-performance pellets and we were blown away by the power, accuracy and craftsmanship of this gun and ammo. After about 250 rounds we were getting impressively consistent one to two inch groups at fifty yards.

As stated, there isn't much that the Hunter Extreme won't kill. Don't take my word for it; click here to watch this air rifle take down a hog with one shot.

The Hunter Extreme sports a break-barrel single cocking mechanism with an automatic cocking safety, a jacketed steel bull barrel and a second stage adjustable trigger. Its beech hardwood stock with laser engraved checkering adds a touch of classic elegance to this immensely powerful air gun.

Also included with the rifle is a 3-9X50 Illuminated Reticle Air Rifle Scope and 50 rounds of Gamo's PBA Raptor high-performance ammo.

If you are thinking about picking one up for the kids, you should note that weighing in at a solid 10.5 pounds with 58 pounds of cocking effort and a 4.5 pound trigger pull, the Hunter Extreme is every bit an adult air rifle. To quote one of our testers, "This thing is a monster." And with a power plant designed to push a pellet at 1,600 fps, the kick is a little more than your standard can-plinker.

Overall, Gamo's Hunter Extreme is the ideal air rifle for both the occasional varmint shooter and the serious hunter looking for a little variety in their sport. Either way, you won't find a more powerful, versatile or plain enjoyable air gun out there. For about five hundred dollars you can pick up the Hunter Extreme with the 3-9X50 Illuminated Reticle Air Rifle Scope and 50 rounds of PBA Raptor ammo wherever air rifles are sold or online at www.GamoUSA.com.

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