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VARMINT HUNTER RIFLE SCOPES Make a Big Impact on Today’s Consumer, Manufactured by Gamo, Great for Fast Varmint Hunting in All Light Conditions!


September 30, 2008-Ft Lauderdale FL- Made popular in the late 1900’s air gunning is now one of the most popular pass times in the US. In order to keep the sports dedicated enthusiast fulfilled, each year new and fun accessories are manufactured. Gamo USA Corp. improves the quality of their products yearly. The Varmint Hunter air rifle scopes fulfill the expectations of an air gunner in an effective manner.

The VH39x40LLWRCP is the Varmint Hunter scope that has a special bracket holding a 3-9 power 40mm objective scope, laser sight and flashlight. The signature set up is developed so you can see varmints in the day or night.

“An expressive mounting design, a good durable scope of our standard GAMO quality.”  J. Chapman Gamo USA Corp. sales rep.

Of similar design the Varmint Hunter also comes in a small power magnification a 4x32 scope, laser sight, and flashlight so you can see varmints day or night. Included are finger pressure cables that let you control the laser and flashlight with push button ease. These are included on all Gamo USA Corp.’s Varmint Hunter Scopes.


*MSRP: VH39X40LLWRCP $129.95; 6212045154 (4X32) $89.95.
 To learn more about GAMO USA products and accessories, visit. one of the top air gun manufactures is the world; Gamo is also the largest air gun manufacturer in Europe. Shooters in over 50 countries all over the world use their air rifles and air pistols.


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