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Rocker Target Trap

Keep your skills in shape with this Great all-steel target! Hit the plates on either side of the center plate and they will be held in place out of view till the center plate is hit which will reset the five plates.
For lead pellets up to 1000fps ONLY! DO NOT USE BB OR PBA.

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Product Rocker Target Trap  [Item # 621220354]
  Rocker Target Trap
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REVIEW BY:pyromaniac Friday, August 06, 2010
awesome trap. wonder why u cant use lead free? funny thing; i was shooting at this and when i shot the middle one, the pellet(crossman premiere hollowpoint) flattened halfway and stuck to the target!!! lol. good for collecting spent pellets to melt down to make ur own ammo.
REVIEW BY: Wednesday, April 28, 2010
I have one of these traps and its nice. You shoot the two targets on the left and the two targets one the right. They stay hidden behind when they get hit. Then you shoot the center rectangle and the hidden targets reappear. The spent pellets collect inside the trap and there is a hole for removing the spent pellets. I was surprised to find this functionality since nowhere on the box does it say that this trap worked like this. I thought they where just hanging targets. My trap is all made of metal and the washers are also metallic and do not fall off. I don't have the same problem as the user above. I guess gamo starter using metal washers instead of plastic ones to correct this problem. Over all I'm very happy with this trap. Its solid construction; seems like you can run it over with a truck and it'll still work.
REVIEW BY:Larry45 Sunday, January 31, 2010
This trap has a great design, but the quality of construction is terrible. Metal rods hold the target mechanism in place, and run across the trap through holes in the side. The ends of these rods should be threaded with nuts to hold them in place, but instead they are "secured" by cheap little plastic washers on each end of the rod. If these washers come off, the rod falls down into the trap rendering it useless. I've had two of these traps - one arrived with three of the washers off and the rods and all the target plates lying in a pile in the bottom of the trap. The replacement arrived okay, but after 20 or so shots two of the washers came off, causing that end of the rod to fall down inside the trap. Built right, with threaded ends on the rods and nuts to hold them in place, this would be great little target trap. As it is, the trap is a piece of junk.

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