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One-Piece Mount

One inch ring with a 3/8” rail made for air rifles and rimfire. Offers greater gripping coverage for a solid hold. Medium ring for 44 mm and smaller

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Product One-Piece Mount  [Item # 6213199854]
  One-Piece Mount
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REVIEW BY:Hbomb Sunday, June 21, 2015
The packaging was great right out of the box I knew it wasn't going to break or fall off great quality and well performance
REVIEW BY:Michael Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Bought this item a few day's ago and I was impressed with the quality as soon as I opened the box. It defiantly was built with solid construction and it fit on my Shadow 1000 very nicely. I was pleased with the way my rifle looks with a good scope on top. The quality of rifles and accessories have come along way in recent years and all I can say is, "watch out Squirrels!"
REVIEW BY:m.t. Wednesday, May 05, 2010
this came with the viper i got recently. the clamp piece on the screw side is about 1 milimeter shorter than the solid side. whats up with that?
REVIEW BY:Brandon Ford Thursday, November 05, 2009
I had a one piece mount on my Shadow Sport and would not hold up, so i put loctite and it held for 50 shots or so and would get 1/4 in. group at 20 yards but would eventually break through the loctite so i bought this knowing it had a stop pin and it wont slide back a bit it has a REAL tight gripand stop pin really hold up. it makes your gun hold sensitive that the only thing i dont like you have to sight scope in for how you shoot mostly..like i sighted mine in prone..and get great groups at 45 yards. but when you shoot it in any other position it shoots too low and tooleft even if you are free hand at 5 yards its that way but if you are prone and shoot it at 5 yards it dead on i dont understand that. but anyway it is a great product and would recommend it for scope creep to anyone.
REVIEW BY:Jared Saturday, October 17, 2009
Decent product, the mounts hold the scope in very tight. It would be nice if they had normal screws instead of allen wrench screws. The alenn wrench won't hold tight in the screws, so I can't tighten it completely. Overall good, but not perfect
REVIEW BY:matt guinard Saturday, February 07, 2009
i like this product very much. i had problems with the regular 2 piece scope mounts. they would slide back after every shot. i got a gamo scope stop but it didnt work very well. now i can shoot as many shots as i want through my gamo 850 carbine with out having to reset the scope mounts

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