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P-25 Blowback CO2 Powered Air Pistol

The P25 Blowback CO2 powered air pistol is equipped with the Blowback feature. This innovative technique provides a realistic action and an authentic look and feel utilizing a small portion of air to move the slide backward when firing. A rifled steel barrel and textured grip are also features of this new air pistol that is capable of 450fps with Gamo's PBA® Platinum Pellets.

Only standard-skirt pellets should be used with the P-25 Blowback pistols. To avoid damaging your magazine, never use long-skirt pellets, such as: Red Fire, Blue Flame, Glow Fire, PBA Bullet, Magnum, Master Point, Armor, Lethal, Rocket or TS-10.

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Product P-25 Blowback  [Item # 611138054]
  P-25 Blowback
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Latest Owner Reviews $104.95
REVIEW BY:Brickbats Saturday, May 23, 2015
Awesome little gun. Got it to plink around with and am very pleased. Loads of fun to shoot. Accurate at 10 yards. My second Gamo and not my last...keep up the quality products and decent pricing.
REVIEW BY:will cochran Friday, June 21, 2013
this is the best pellet gun you can get, it is just to cool!this is the one you want.
REVIEW BY: Sunday, February 03, 2013
Great Pistol, I love it!!!!!!
REVIEW BY:paul Sunday, October 21, 2012
i just got 1 nice gun
REVIEW BY:airgunshooter Sunday, June 03, 2012
nice pistol
REVIEW BY:huntingman Wednesday, May 30, 2012
great pistol i dont like the sights but overall pretty good
REVIEW BY:bob Saturday, May 26, 2012
nice pistol had to take back the pt 85 but this gun can kill anything up to a squrrill
REVIEW BY:Darrel Wednesday, December 22, 2010
A great pistol, it encompasses the hand greatly and you can give a good solid grip on the gun.A sub-compact pistol great for pretty much any shooter. Realistic recoil, no slide lock however. at about 50 rounds, i had a few failure to feed problems where the pellets would jam between the rotary mags and the chamber, but shot more rounds through it and it works fine now, i've put about 250 so far, since 11/26/10. The retail price is fitting to the quality you get out of this pistol. Not very expensive but also very high quality. You get what you pay for. Hopefully Gamo will come out with extra mags, and a seperate rail for the lower receiver, If the shooter wants a laser or a rail, and not buy the tactical version. None the less its a very accurate pistol, great for practicing trigger control,sight alignment speed, and plinking. 9/10
REVIEW BY:Jeremy Tuesday, November 02, 2010
An excellent well made pistol. It has a reliable action.PBA's on order!

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