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It is true while out walking in the woods in San Saba TX. we unknowningly had corner a small but very mad 48lb wild hog. This small hog made 2 charges at us and each time we were able to keep a couple of oaks between us and him.

Each time he would back into the corner of the fence and started smacking his teeth together and grinding them making a finger nail chaulk board goose bump making sound and each time we tried to leave he would charge us. Well I finally had it with the little guy and decided I would try a shot on him, I had a Raptor PBA pellet in my rifle.

I know my Gamo rifle is not intended for game bigger than raccoons and similar, but I am here to testify that your rifles ROCK!!!!!, and it is nice to know that your rifles along with your PBA Pellets are a deadly and potent combination. I am a believer now and going to start saving for one of your Hunter Extreme Rifles now because my wife wants one for herself to go join in hunting with me.

Thank You Gamo for saving out rear ends.

John Cole
Austin, TX

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