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My First Air Gun
Fifty-five years ago, I took 85 cents down to the Beaver Variety Store on the corner of Lark Street and Clinton Avenue in Albany and made a deposit on my first gun — my first layaway at age 10...

Gamo Whisper .22 cal. Air Rifle Tested
Gamo offers a huge array of high-powered air guns, in both .177 and .22 caliber, and with a variety of actions. For this article, I chose their Whisper .22...

Gamo Hunter Extreme .117 Caliber Air Rifle Review
When I hear of someone talk about taking their pellet gun to the lease, I assume they plan to pop a few birds. I mean, what else can you kill with an air rifle? Turns out you can hunt quite a variety of wildlife if the gun is the Hunter Extreme...

Using a Gamo Air Rifle to "escape" from a very mad hog.
How we got out when cornered by a very angry hog in San Saba Texas.

Jim Solomon Testimonial
Jim Solomon testeting Gamo Whisper .177 caliber air rifle and the new Hunter Extreme .cal air rifle.

Something Different
On a recent trip to South Florida,I was able to experience something most sportsmen never knew existed, including myself!

Gamo Whisper
I have been working part time in sporting goods for 30 plus years and this is one of best buys for the cost I have seen.

Love the Whisper Air Rifle from Gamo
This rifle is accurate and is powerful enough to hunt small game and the 3x9 scope was excellent.

Rabbit Problem Under Control
How we got rid of an expensive problem

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