PX-107  [Item # 611137354]
15 shot removable CO2 magazine semi-auto BB pistol
Air Pistols / PX-107 Series / PX-107
The PX-107 is the CO2 pistol for those who like the full size feel of a large frame and with a 410fps power you get 15 shots of BB’s as fast as you can pull the trigger. The innovative magazine system is interchangeable with the V3.
-Velocity: 410 feet per second -Semi-Automatic CO2 Pistol with 15 shots -Detachable magazine that holds 15 shot BB’s & CO2 cylinder - Fires: 15 shots in 3 seconds -CO2 capacity: 80 Shots -Barrel: 4.25” Precision Rifled Steel -Trigger: Double action -Manual safety
-Rear Sight: Adjustable for Windage -3 Dot position Aiming -Mounting rail for optional Laser sight
-Weight: 1.06 lbs -Length: 7.6” -Ammunition: BB’s only -Caliber: .177 -Trigger Pull – Double Action: 11.6 lbs -Skeletonized Style Trigger