Combo Pack .177 cal. High Performance Pellets  [Item # 632092854-001]
Combo includes RedFire®, ROCKET®, ARMOR/PBA® and RAPTOR/PBA® airgun pellets - Approx 400 .177 Cal. Pellets.
Ammunition / Ammo Combo Packs / Combo Pack .177 cal. High Performance Pellets
Contains 4 types of .177 Cal. High Performance pellets: one tin of 150 RedFire® pellets, a tin of 150 Rocket® pellets, a pack each of 50 Armor/PBA® and Raptor/PBA® pellets. Excellent Airgun ammunition for the demanding shooter. These pellets will deliver accuracy and penetration suitable for hunting and competition.

Lead Warning
The RedFire and Rocket tins contains approx. 150 (.177cal.) pellets
The ARMOR/PBA and RAPTOR/PBA packs contain approx. 50 (.177cal.) pellets each