Padded Case Black & Red  [Item # 621236754]
Quality Polyester Ballistic Cloth Construction
Accessories / Airgun Gear / Padded Case Black & Red
Protect your expensive (or sentimental favorite) long gun with one of our GAMO 125 cases, because GAMO understands that your firearms are more than simple tools for sport. They are trusted companions and wise investments, quite often becoming heirlooms passed on to future generations. This superior case designed to protect your valuable firearms from any hazard. These cases are anatomically designed to accommodate left and right-hand, bolt-action rifles or shotguns.
-Length: (Outside-50 in, Inside 49 in)
-Height: (Outside-11 in, Inside-10 in)
-0.6 D oliester, Foam, Poliethylene, Sherpa pile
-Semihard, Scooped