Bone Collector Hunting Pellets .22 Cal.  [Item # 632273154-001]
Extreme Piercing Power and Superior impact and penetration

Ammunition / .22 cal. High Perf. Lead Pellets / Bone Collector Hunting Pellets .22 Cal.
The new Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector TV pellet enhances your hunting experience: this new Gamo® lead pellet features a rounded tip and a grooved skirt making it more aerodynamic and good for hunting at long distances. The Bone Collector pellet has high ballistic coefficients: it has more terminal penetration than standard lead pellets and a stable flight trajectory due to the 7.56 gr (.177) and 15.43gr (.22) weights.

Lead Warning
Cal .22 (5.5 mm) MUZZLE 10 YARDS 30 YARDS
Velocity (fps)
Kinetic Energy, (ft x lbs)
Paraffin Penetration, (inches)
Paraffin Expansion, (inches)
Grouping, (inches)
Pellet Weight (grain): 15.43 grain
*Test made with air rifle: