The Whisper Pellet .177 cal.  [Item # 632272254-001]
Heavy Weight Hunting Pellet for Maximum Energy and Quiteness.
Ammunition / .177 cal. High Perf. Lead Pellets / The Whisper Pellet .177 cal.
The Whisper Pellet is the hunting pellet that allows you to obtain the maximim noise reduction. Combining this pellet with your Gamo® air rifle with Whisper® Technology will make it even quieter! The Whisper pellet features a copper layer and a long skirt, increasing the weight, the flight stability, and the impact energy ideal for hunting.
Cal .177 (4.5 mm) MUZZLE 10 YARDS 30 YARDS
Velocity (fps)
Kinetic Energy, (ft x lbs)
Paraffin Penetration, (inches)
Paraffin Expansion, (inches)
Grouping, (inches)
Pellet Weight (grain): 10.5 grain
*Test made with air rifle: