C-15 Blowback Pistol  [Item # 6111389054]
C-15 Blowback Air Pistol with 15 BB's magazine capacity
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The GAMO C-15 Blowback is a real replica from the B&T MP-9 9mm submachine weapon. MP-9 is a light weight,small size, folding stock airgun. The realistic tactical design from B&T, velocity of up to 450 fps, dual technology (pellet and metal BB's) and semiauto blowback mechanism, make this airgun and excellent choice

Only standard BB's should be used with the C-15 Blowback pistol. To avoid damaging your magazine, never use long-skirt pellets.

-Velocity: 450 feet per second with PBA Platinum
-Semi-Automatic Blowback CO2 Pistol with 15 shots
- Fires: 15 shots in 2.4 seconds
-CO2 capacity: 80 Shots
-Barrel: Smooth Steel
-Accuracy: 0.25” Groups at 10 yards (Center to Center)
-Trigger: Double and Single action
-Manual safety
-Trigger: Double and Single action
-Rear Sight: Fixed with reflective white dots
-Weight: 1.5 lbs
-Length Folded: 10”
-Ammunition: .177 metal bbs
-Caliber: .177
-Trigger Pull – Double Action: 9.46 lbs
-Trigger Pull – Single Action: 9.24 lbs