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MTS 1000 Moving Target System for Accuracy and Speed Training

Setup the 6 foot track, drop in the motorized carriage and deer silhouette into the rails and you are ready to start your shooting training session. Select one of the four speeds, power up the system and watch the silhouette travel back and forth. Once hit the silhouette will reset itself before returning in the other direction.

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MTS 1000 Moving Target System  [Item # 621221054]
Battery operated moving target
Accessories / Air Gun Targets / MTS 1000 Moving Target System
The new GAMO MTS 1000™ Moving Target System is specially designed for airgun use to simulate real hunting situations with centerfire rifles on moving deer at distances up to 200 yards. Utilizing a special motorized four speed carriage with true scale white tail buck silhouette, the Deer silhouette travels along 6 feet of steel track at speeds replicating the movement of deer walking, feeding or running. The silhouette automatically resets at both ends of the track. Each MTS™ Target System comes with a ballistics and distance chart which tells you the distance to place the target systems to replicate centerfire rifle shooting at 100, 150 and 200 yards. The track sections and the silhouette carriage are designed to ensure years of reliable use. The new GAMO MTS 1000 is designed to be a shooting opportunity expander. It can be used in any backyards in areas where firearms discharge has been made unlawful but airgun shooting is permissible.
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