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Hunter 440


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Product Hunter 440  [Item # 611005654]
  Hunter 440
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REVIEW BY:Joey Fletcher Sunday, February 22, 2009
My Hunter 440 is now 12 years old and to date has only been cleaned (far too few times) and had the main barrel o-ring changed once and still shoots perfectly. Probably has somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 rounds through it and it has recently seen a dramatic increase in use/abuse now that my son is skilled enough, old enough, and strong enough to handle it. Just today it recieved a BSA Red Dot scope and I must say it is the perfect improvement for shots inside 30 yards. I'm sure this one will some day be my in the hands of my sons son. Thanks Gamo!
REVIEW BY:Greg Benecke Monday, July 28, 2008
I bought a 440 hunter in .177 in the summer of 1992. After thousands upon thousands of pellets through it I sent it back for a respring in the late 1990’s. Your service is awesome! Now 16 years later of very regular use on targets and rodents I’m still getting 800fps+ with medium weight pellets and dime sized 5 shot groups at 20 yards. I use and aimpoint red dot sight. Your rifles are very well balanced well made examples of craftsmanship. I’d say I‘d buy another one but why? Mine is only 16 years old! I just broke it in! thank you for an amazing product! Sincerely

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