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Raptor PBA .22 cal. - Gamo Performance Ballistic Alloy

The Raptor .22 cal Performance Ballistic Alloy [PBA®] is the first non-lead Alloy Airgun Ammunition that increases velocity up to 25% over lead, while maintaining “match grade” accuracy. Specifically designed as a hunting load, the new Raptor PBA® enables airguns which normally shoot 800 f.p.s. to shoot up to 1000 f.p.s., with tremendous penetration.

In fact, the ammunition is 50% harder than lead causing penetration to be enhanced by up to 100% in tests in actual hunting situations as well as ballistic mediums. PBA® Raptor test results show ballistic stability at super-sonic speeds and up to 90% weight retention using the new semi-pointed design. Comes in a 50 (2x25) count .22cal rocket package.

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Product PBA Raptor Pellets .22 Qty. 50  [Item # 632264554-001]
  PBA Raptor Pellets .22 Qty. 50
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REVIEW BY:Ventura County Saturday, May 24, 2014
Used PBA Raptors on a three-foot western diamondback rattlesnake today. Nice penetration through the head and body. With a Whisper series air rifle, these pellets are highly effective. I have enjoyed the PBAs for their accuracy in training and found GAMOs claims of performance to be fully supported. They aren't cheap, but the rifle and the ammo as a total package deliver value.
REVIEW BY:RoKenny Saturday, May 11, 2013
After years of shooting lead pellet's,its about time someone made a change! Gamo nailed it! These PBA's are outstanding, from the moment I pull the trigger I can feel the difference by a long shot. There's a decisive range in decibal along with an increased absorbtion in my shoulder. To top that the ultimate game changer is the exit wound which I've never seen with any lead in any caliber! Altogether I know these rounds are'nt recommended for target practice but the rounds I've recovered from the ill advised practice had completely maintained there shape with very little to no deformities at all! Over all I'm very impressed with these PBA rounds by gamo and find it hard to think of buy'n anything else but the price is a little steep and therefore stick to strictly hunting at around 20 cents per round! I understand Gamo supply and demand but I'm sure the technology will take us further yet. Thanks Gamo. Sincerely your avid consumer Ken
REVIEW BY:gamo pellet lover Friday, April 02, 2010
I like the rapters they are accurate and deadly but to expensive come on ga,o drop the price and gabriel it depends on what you want to use it for if its hunting its not the best,target practice its awsome but the benjamin trail np xl same price alot better for hunting.
REVIEW BY:Andrew Santi Thursday, April 01, 2010
This is a secondary review after some field trial's. If any of you pack along a .22 Co2 pistol on your hunt's as a secondary weapon, then these are the pellet's you should have it loaded with. On a recent hunt for Pheasant, and Partridge, I came across a nice sized Partridge 15 yds away, I had taken a shot and missed with the Crosman 2289G that I was toting, and instead of taking a chance on losing the oppurtunity for a second shot on the re-load, I remembered my Daisy 622X(Loaded with a fresh cart, and 6 Golden Gamo Raptor PBA's) in my ruck, The Partridge(now 20 yds away) dropped after 2 quick shot's to the body. Guy's, If you like hunting with your a/g's then this is the round for you, As well as being environmentaly friendly, They are wickedly awesome in the accuracy, and range dept,. These are not the same as the .177 version, So if you tried the .177 Raptor's and were turned off by the amount of "Flier's" you encountered. These round's are well worth a second try, and if any 1
REVIEW BY:Gabriel Thursday, March 18, 2010
hey guys these are great pellets and they are not very expensive compared to the platinum and armour pellets. oh and i am looking to buy the hunter extreme 22. air rifle. is the rifle worth the money??
REVIEW BY:Danny Glover Thursday, November 05, 2009
I read about how good this Raptor was so I tried it with my .177 crossman and I am very happy with the results. So I am not going to use them for my .22 And yes they are priced high however the results are worth it. Thanks Danny
REVIEW BY:Sterling M. Friday, October 23, 2009
I just purchased the Crosman NPSS and the Raptor pellets. Wow, great pellet, good speed, good accuracy. But yes I agree with the rest, to expensive.
REVIEW BY:Randy Herpeses Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Excellent pellet. Took a coon at about 25 yards and it dropped like a possum. Very accurate.
REVIEW BY:andrew Thursday, March 26, 2009
the raptor pellets are one of the greatest pellets on the market. The performance is outstanding.
REVIEW BY:Clint Kreitel Thursday, February 19, 2009
I live in Mexico where most guns are illegal (or you spend an arm and a leg to legalize them) so i love air rifles. Using raptors i have killed half a dozen coyotes and a Javelina. I agree with Andy though, how about dropping the price a bit.
REVIEW BY:Andrew Santi. Monday, September 15, 2008
As soon as I heard that Raptor's were being brought out in .22, I put my name down for first priority, and Boy, was it worth the weight. All of my .22 shooter's, Springer's, and Co2 love this beautifully crafted pellet. For hunting, This is going to be replacing my previous round of choice, Skenco's. Way to Go GAMO,,Now, how 'bout reducing the price a tad?. Cheer's, Andy.

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