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Socom Extreme Air Rifle

The Gamo Socom Extreme Air Rifle .177 cal. with a 3-9x50 RGBD Air Rifle Scope shoots PBA® pellets at an incredible 1650 fps and a respectable 1250 fps. with match grade pellets. The great glass etched Gamo scope delivers pinpoint accuracy and allows you to find your target quickly and precisely.
*Please note the scope is not pre-mounted on this kit.

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Product Socom Extreme  [Item # 611007754]
  Socom Extreme
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REVIEW BY:kenneth chevalier Monday, April 06, 2015
i bought the 1250 and i dont regret it one bit it lives up to my every expection every time i use it without fail.
REVIEW BY:Vicky Ali Saturday, February 16, 2013
Amazing gun. Really its a great combination of power and accuracy. Scope is too good. Light weight is another plus point. In simple words, its the perfact airgun.
REVIEW BY:LL - South Africa Tuesday, October 09, 2012
I bought the Socom 1250 (1650). It is a brilliant gun. Very loud! Like it a lot. I have the big cat 1250 as well and they are worlds apart in quality. I am quite surprised how well built the Socom 1250 is.
REVIEW BY:S.GRIFFITH Saturday, October 30, 2010
I was somewhat disappointed at first with this gun's performance. It would group shots rather inconsistently. I replaced the scope with a 5-20x50mm scope and went from PBA's to wadcutters to 10+ grain pellets. The heavier pellets seem to perform much more consistently. My next step is higher quality pellets. For the expense of this rifle, I think Gamo could have provided a better quality trigger and certainly not have cheaped out on optics. However, I must confess, I have dropped several doves at 60+ yards, a grey squirrel, and a fox squirrel. When this gun finds it's mark, it's lights out for it's target. I enjoy this rifle very much- would like to see some upgrades available for the money spent-trigger upgrade package, nitro piston package, something. Overall, a very cool air rifle.
REVIEW BY:EMPACT-77 Friday, October 22, 2010
well i love it
REVIEW BY:EMPACT-77 Thursday, October 21, 2010
I,ve owed a lot air gun in my time , AND I have to say the socom estream is by far the best with the right scope it can macth any 22 fire arm and got my first dove at 50yrds with a leapers 6x24 scope . GET RID OF 3x9 scope it is junk!!!! cant wait to take it to the big woods and try a bob cat or fox coon or cyoto.
REVIEW BY:Doesnt matter Sunday, October 17, 2010
id go with the socom express because its lighter and the rest of the parts are the same with the hunter extreme
REVIEW BY:Mav Friday, October 01, 2010
I purchased this rifle in late August and it is amazing! It's a little loud, so if noise is a concern I do not recommend. I couldn't care less. Blasted a squirrel in my yard with a heart shot, went in one side and out the other with a blue flame pellet. Truly an amazing air rifle and there will be a few less squirrels in the neighborhood.
REVIEW BY:lucas Wednesday, September 22, 2010
is the same machine and parts the Hunter extreme and the Socom extreme?¿ thanks
REVIEW BY:mudi and jordao Tuesday, August 31, 2010
it just depends on wether or not you like accuracy and power or speed more. the .22 is more likely to be more accurate since its a heavier bullet less likely to be affected by the wind. .177 will be more affected but it will go faster and although its a heavier bullet it will be hitting harder for you... as for WHAT GUN to get, it just depends on what your wanting to hunt... if its just squirrels then probly the wvh, but if its like big stuff such as bobcats and coyotes then socom or hunter extreme would be better... help any? :)
REVIEW BY:Espen Sunday, August 01, 2010
A lighter pellet will go faster, but the reason the PBA pellet is faster when a normal pellet, is because of the harder metals, and True Gold 18 Karat gold plating that eliminates barrel corrosion and enhances accuracy. Increases velocity 25%.
REVIEW BY:U-NO-C-ME Tuesday, July 27, 2010
REVIEW BY:Rick Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Very impressive with only one hiccup noted. After trying to zero in the scope (nice optics) at a actual range the rear lens of the scope jarred loose after about 50 pellets, o-ring came out and a 2nd o-ring wormed out in a loop from the focusing thread. The GAMO representative assured me that this was unusual and it would be covered under the warranty. FYI. I shot a pesky rabbit sidewise and it penetrated clear through both shoulders and exited beyond. Very impressive power!
REVIEW BY:Jordão - PORTUGAL Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Hi I have the same problem as Mudi but with one more airgun. I can't choose between the 1 HUNTER EXTREME 2 SOCOM EXTREME OR 3 WHISPER VH help me please. thanks
REVIEW BY: Monday, June 28, 2010
i know that .177 cal has a greater velocity but is .22 better? which one should i get?
REVIEW BY:you, Mudi Tuesday, May 11, 2010
pretty much the only difference is that the socom has a more "upgraded" stock, being synthetic and with the ajustable cheek pad... it really doesnt matter which one you choose... for the most part it's just a matter of preference as to wether or not you like synthetic stocks over wood ones. As for the accuracy, they both go the same speed so they will both preform around the same. You never know though, yours could be different from others... there's just no real way to tell with air guns...
REVIEW BY:Mudi Wednesday, May 05, 2010
hi all ... WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HUNTER EXTREME AND SOCOM EXTREME. plese guide me i wana buy a air gun and i like both. but i want to chose a better one. :)
REVIEW BY:mike Tuesday, April 27, 2010
My friend just bought the socom extreme and he and i stayed outside for 3 hours straight 500+ pellets later we realized that this gun is unsafe for unexperienced people.My friend took some sheet metal and 2-4 he covered the 2-4 with it and at 50 yards it went through and tore the grass up. It left a craked and bent quarter size hole in the exit side of the wood and metal.
REVIEW BY:scott Monday, April 26, 2010
bought this gun a month sgo the accuracy is good but the skope is broke alredy after about 2 tins of pellets
REVIEW BY:Slay Monday, April 05, 2010
I googled a standard .22 FPS, A .22 LR Standard Velocity .40 grain bullet fired from a rifle barrel is in the neighborhood of 1000-1100fps. A High Velocity .22LR .40gr bullet fired from a rifle barrel is around 1200-1300fps. CCI Mini-Mags (for example) are 1235fps. Hyper-velocity rounds are around 1400-1600fps from a rifle, with a lighter bullet weight (32-36gr, sometimes 40). You do the math.
REVIEW BY:abood Saturday, March 27, 2010
REVIEW BY:armando Wednesday, March 03, 2010
I mention before on my last review that this was a rifle to kill coyote, take my word if you hit it on the head. I shot my neighbor dog with PBA ARMOR in the chest after killing 2 of my chickens, distance was around 20 meters and this was a big dog, he died same hour. Imagine if I shot it in the head!
REVIEW BY:Coyote killer Tuesday, March 02, 2010
This looks like a very nice gun from the reviews i have read i would love to purchase this gun but the price is little more than i would pay. If it would go down to about $300 more people would buy it including me. I am wanting to buy this air gun to take care of some coyote and fox issues too many squirrels and turkeys missing.
REVIEW BY:SNM Tuesday, March 02, 2010
CRAZY FPS it must crack like a 22 with a normal pellet i wish i had the money to buy one... i got the gamo whisper vh very nice gun.
REVIEW BY:Joe Sunday, February 21, 2010
Just purchased the Socom Extreme and fired a couple hundred rounds over the weekend. Like many other reviewers have noted, this is a LOUD air rifle! It performed well with both PBA Raptor as well as various lead pellets. This air rifle is heavy and takes a lot to cock the barrel. It seems to be well made and fairly accurate. I would like to add a bipod - any recommendations?
REVIEW BY: Saturday, February 20, 2010
amazing gun, i shot a 188 pound wild boar and killed it with one shot in the head at 55 yards, and Jason from Canada, dont be a jerk to other people for their spelling when you type like a 3rd grader.
REVIEW BY:Jeremy B Friday, February 19, 2010
i just bought this gun and i can get it to group at 20 yards with pba rapors!the gun sounds like a 22lr if you want accuracy shoot a heavy pellet like around 10 grains or higher!!
REVIEW BY:Dave Friday, February 19, 2010
I had this gun about 3 days now, and love it! This gun is not for kids, wimps, and probably a lot of women being you have to have some real muscle to cock it. For those who say its to loud to shoot in there yard, use your head, use a heavier grain pellet to slow the speed down below the sound barrier, yeah, its that easy, no more loud crack!
REVIEW BY:Andy from Wisconsin Wednesday, February 17, 2010
I just got the Socom Extreme yesterday, the scope was easy to sight in, and very nice for an air rifle. yes the gun is loud, but not too bad. about equiv to 22 short. this gun is definately not overpriced. took down a coyote at 64 yards with a heart shot this morning, so far this gun is more than I expected. to the critics, go waste your $ on a remmington every 4 months, then tell us how you really feel! double thumbs up gamo!
REVIEW BY:Xtreme Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Hey Jason from canada. I happen to be a kid with 7 air rifles, 6 of them Gamos. You are right about the IRRESPONSIBLE children buying gamos. But us kids who know what we are doing and have recieved the training have a way with airguns. But i can agree with one thing you said, Gamo is the best, highest quality, most accurate airguns on the market today.
REVIEW BY:nick Sunday, February 14, 2010
Do any guns get more feet per second with PBA than this gun?
REVIEW BY:owner Friday, February 05, 2010
dont write reviews about this gun if you dont own it. and it is not overpriced, it is wroth every penny and besides this is not a playing gun it is for hunting and killer of any varmit that passes dont be such a critic if you dont own the thing then dont write about.
REVIEW BY:Hunterboy Tuesday, February 02, 2010
I really want to purchase the socom it looks like an amazing airrifle but where i live i cant use it and i wonder if you can get it with a silencer
REVIEW BY:killer of any varmit that passes Monday, February 01, 2010
i have just read all the reveiws on this gun. personally i think it is overpriced. you would have many more buyers if it was atleast in the $300 range. and if it is as loud as everyone says it is you should add a siliencer for those like me that hunt squirels in their yards.
REVIEW BY:Onib Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Guys, do it have a .22 cal?
REVIEW BY:Aamir Masood Tuesday, January 26, 2010
i like this gun if i buy this gun tell me what i do? i m in pakistan
REVIEW BY:Jason - Oklahoma Monday, January 25, 2010
This is a great rifle but loud like others have said. Knocks a squirrel down and he won't get up. Looking forward to trying it on a coyote. Jason from Canada, before you knock other people's spelling it would be great if you realized that capitalizing your country is paramount and that you chose the wrong form of the word too (you used "to"). Also, each ending punctuation mark should be followed with two (notice the spelling) spaces. Pick the log out of your eye before you pick the splinter from your neighbors'.
REVIEW BY:Someone from Vegas Monday, January 25, 2010
First and foremost, this gun also seem to have the same powerplant as the Gamo Hunter Extreme, as someone stated on a previous review. Heavier grain pellets are also recommended for a gun this powerful, as anything lighter would be inaccurate, because the shock of breaking the sound barrier throws the pellet off. That being said, this gun would definitely be a good hunting rifle in a .22 cal (bigger and heavier pellet, and around an ideal lower FPS for both accuracy and power). For the money, I would take this over the Gamo Hunter Extreme anytime. But hey, I'm not buying a gun for its aesthetics, but for its practicality...so that's my opinion. And to the certain reviewer who bashed on good spelling: If you're going to make statements like that, don't be a hypocrite and double check your own writing.
REVIEW BY:jason from canada Monday, January 18, 2010
Well I hope that you Gamo lovers can shoot better than you can spell or maybe its a sign that there are to many children buying these adult size rifles hence gun control laws. Anyhow I to am a Gamo lover and no offence to the Gamo fans who are over the proper age and can spell.Now I am not a fan of gun control as to all the hoops I had to jump through to obtain a PAL to be able to buy a air gun over 500fps but if it keeps it out of the hands of some irresponsable youth than so be it.Hats off to Gamo there $100 gun has more quality than the RWS/HATSAN costing 4times as much!!
REVIEW BY:Zach C Sunday, January 10, 2010
it is a very accurate, and powerfull gun.heavier pellets are more consistantly accurate than the regular Pba. i have killed over 20 squirrels with it ranging from 10 - 65 yards away and i am very pleased with this gun.
REVIEW BY:sniper Tuesday, January 05, 2010
I got this for a gift and was amazed how accurate this thing is.Ive been hunting with it since i got it and killed 3 squirrels with it, it went slam through all 3 squirrels!It is great for small game hunting (exa..raccons,squirrels,bobcats,etc...) Im very pleased with this gun, a little on the loud side, but oh well.. its awesome!!!
REVIEW BY:NCGunner Monday, December 28, 2009
I received this item as a gift, and i must say it was very accurate using the PBA that its shipped with. I have not had the chance to hunt with it but im looking forward to it.
REVIEW BY:NCGunner Monday, December 28, 2009
I recieved this item as a gift, and i must say it was very accurate using the PBA that its shipped with. I have not had the chance to hunt with it but im looking forward to it.
REVIEW BY:Rick Thursday, December 24, 2009
Add a silencer, optional bipod, camo stock, 22. cal, and a nightscope if possible. I won't buy anything other than a Gamo but it's time for you to get real serious. Price is no object to most of us old time pellet pickers. I would like to open my window and pop off a round without the rest of the neighbor hood knowing it. I pretty much agree with the other comments here. You have a good group of customers and Gamo travels best by word of mouth. Now, I do have a special request. A break down stock and shorter barrel. Yea, I think I am a sniper....humor me.
REVIEW BY:armando Monday, December 21, 2009
Very loud but for me that I live in farm is great. This rifle cant be used in backyard house and some force needs to be apply to load the pellets. Sounds like a real .22 the feeling and the way it looks make you believe that you are carrying a real rifle. (Not to kill pingeon or squirrel) Excellent to kill racoons, red fox, coyote, etc
REVIEW BY:scott Monday, November 09, 2009
loud loud loud. this is not a backyard gun which i bought it for. its louder than a 22lr. i bought it to kill squirrels tearing up my outdoor furniture. i cannot use it for that. called gamo and they will take it back. gonna get the whisper. that being said the gun is amazing. it is a powerhouse. it blew thru a huge pumkin. the exit hole was over the size of a quarter. if noise is not a concern i recommend it. it looks better in person than it does on the web. also it is heavy solid built. feels like a real firearm.
REVIEW BY:scott Sunday, November 08, 2009
hello. i just recieved this rifle.. it is a powerhouse. passed thru the 25 pound pumkin i was shooting with ease from 40 yards. however the noise is an issue. i got it to kill squirrels in the back yard and my 22lr is quieter than this. if noise is no issue i recommend.
REVIEW BY:Cole Friday, October 23, 2009
I made the mistake of buying a Shadow Fox when it was $300, I just want people to remember. If there is an air rifle here you like, wait 6 months and it will be cheaper or better for the same price.
REVIEW BY:the beast slayer Saturday, October 10, 2009
nice looking gun, i want one for hunting tree rat's and other small and medium sized game and varmint's. now if gamo would make this in 22 caliber,i would get one of those too.i already own one gamo air rifle and i want to add the socom extreme to my arsenal and hopefully in the near future a socom extreme in 22.
REVIEW BY:Jared Monday, October 05, 2009
Has anyone chronographed it with the 5.4 grain pba's? Also the scope has no focus and an unfavorable reticle so replace it. The one piece base ain't bad. I put a leapers 3-9x50 with the sunshade, flip-up covers, and a light and lazer combo and it really shoots and looks phenomenal
REVIEW BY:Bob J Sunday, October 04, 2009
I just ordered one for 399 less 10% =359+shipping 14.00 for a total of 373.oo delivered from pyramid.normally free shipping but cant combine when using coupon.cheaper to use coupon and pay for shipping.Anyways for a total of 373.00 seems like a very good deal,cant wait to get this week & break in & sight in & give review afterwards,i have a whisper & Benjamin super streak to compare to.The Super Streak is more compareable to Socom Extreme as they are both BIG springers & heavy & Whisper is light & has gas spring & GRT3 trigger and in a different class.I let u know how Socom Ex compares to Benjamin Superstreak in fps,accuracy & noise and vibration.Socom looks cool & has same pwr plant as the hunter ex.at a much lesser price.
REVIEW BY:J.Clinton Sunday, October 04, 2009
I own the Shadow sport, awsome rifle! Small game doesn't have a chance LOL. I'm considering the Socom Extreme.Is it possible to get the Socom extreme with the silencer ?
REVIEW BY:Jared for the 3rd time Sunday, October 04, 2009
I got it and love it! Really loud so no backyard gun which should be expected. With a BC of around .024, the 5.4 grain pba pellets work really well and are way more acurate than people say. Especially flying and 1650 fps muzzle velocity (haven't chronied it yet). The pba's are also really hard and consistently made. I'll let you know how well it takes down a coyote
REVIEW BY:djdelevic Monday, September 28, 2009
Socom Extreme and Gamo hunter extreme is the same rifle but in new all weather tactical synthetic stock. I prefer wood stock
REVIEW BY:Jared again Saturday, September 26, 2009
I gave in and bought it for $450. Sportsman depot has is for $398 with free UPS ground though. Anyway I'll write back about it after I try it out
REVIEW BY:Gene Saturday, September 26, 2009
Great rifle for target and small to medium size game.
REVIEW BY:gene Friday, September 25, 2009
75ydr shots easy. Use heavy pellet better accuracy.
REVIEW BY:Jared Tuesday, September 22, 2009
I want one but am waiting til it goes back down to $399
REVIEW BY:Jack Z Sunday, September 20, 2009
I love the Socom Extreme i have had a crow problom for too long. so i decided to get a air rifle this is perfect. It does the job easily if you know were to shoot. Thank you Gamo for a great gun that is worth the money.
REVIEW BY:gunner Friday, July 31, 2009
i just order the socom extreme and if its anything like the varmit hunter then the money there asking is well worth it will let u no when it gets here

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