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TC-45 Big Bore PCP Rifle

Stepping up things significantly, the Gamo TC-45 delivers massive power in a lightweight and quiet platform. The integrated moderator dampens the sound of the report, and the carbon-fiber tank removes unwanted weight. Producing more than 400 foot pounds of energy when shooting 350 grain cast slugs, there’s very little that the Gamo TC-45 can’t put flat on its back. Shot count for this single shot air rifle is a solid five shots. For hunters or target shooters who want a bit more speed and shot count, you only need to shoot a lighter .457 round ball or cast ammo. Capable of producing nearly 1,000 FPS with 138 grain pellets and generating more than 300 foot pounds of energy, the lethal range of the TC-45 stretches to 100 yards and beyond.

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Product TC-45 Big Bore PCP Rifle  [Item # 611120454-01]
  TC-45 Big Bore PCP Rifle
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